Waterford has the advantage of being able to source its food from the luscious land and clear seas right on its doorstep. This area has a long tradition of producing great food and drink and sets the bar for innovative, sustainable food.

Treat yourself to a two night stay at the 4* Granville Hotel, located right at the heart of Waterford and an ideal base for exploring. Breakfasts here have that little edge, particularly the popular Granville Porridge Experience which blends locally milled oats with Waterford Muldoon Whiskey Liqueur.

This will set you up for a truly unique experience: hook up with the Sea Gardener for an hour-long forage along the beach, exploring rocks and shoreline to get the lowdown on edible seaweed. They will fill you in on how it’s used in cookery, skincare, gardening and folk remedies and give you a taste of why seaweed is such a valuable source of nutrition.

It’s time to explore the gardens and natural woodland that surrounds GROW HQ. Pick up the audio tour where GROW COOK EAT TV Presenter Mick Kelly will take you on a journey through the ethos and operations of their sustainable food system. The tour is designed both to get you up to speed with how they operate and to inspire you to try it at home. You’ll get real taste of the goods with a seasonal meal at the café overlooking the kitchen garden with home produced savoury sharing platter, homebrewed Kombucha and delicious desserts.

Dine out at Everett’s Restaurant local ingredients and products are at the core of an exclusive fine dining . Look out for the locally foraged seaweed!

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